100 Menschen. 100 Jahre Engagement. Weil jeder einzelne Mensch es wert ist! ❤️

The Workers’ Welfare Association is over 100 years old – our work then and now is indispensable.

Guiding principles and mission statements are the basis for our actions. They characterise the goals, the understanding of the tasks and the methods of work. The strategic orientation was laid down in a programme of principles. We in the Fulda District Association feel committed to these values:

Freedom – Equality – Justice – Solidarity – Tolerance

In several workshops, our staff exchanged views on how they see their work and what is important to them. The statements are in line with the national mission statement:
♥ We practice solidarity and strengthen people’s responsibility for the community.
♥ We support people in shaping their lives independently and responsibly in all phases of life and promote alternative life concepts.
♥ We provide social services of high quality for all.
♥ We are professionally competent, innovative, reliable and ensure this through our voluntary and full-time staff.
♥ We maintain the independence and autonomy of our association; we ensure transparency and control of our work.
♥ We work closely with regional actors in the education and training market to enable people to participate in working life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.
♥ We act in social, economic, ecological and international responsibility and sustainably advocate for the careful use of existing resources.
♥ For us, freedom does not only mean freedom from hardship and degrading dependence. To live freely, one must have income and education. Only then can you participate in society and make use of your rights.
♥ We have social visions.

Sustainability is also a big issue for us

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations commits all states of the world to end hunger, to enable a healthy life for all, to promote decent work and to counter climate change. As Workers’ Welfare, we have always fought for a society based on solidarity and justice and are firmly committed to the idea of international solidarity. That is why we support the realisation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, politically and within the association. With our work, we contribute to social and ecological change.

You can find more about this here: We are working on it and there is also a video statement by Brigitte Döcker (member of the AWO Federal Executive Committee).