To mark our anniversary, we have designed an exhibition in front of the mirrored halls of the city palace to draw public attention to our activities. Roll-ups, staff portraits and films of the sponsorship project are shown in the picture gallery. Personal statements about the AWO were also collected. We have made our work “for a cosmopolitan Fulda” a theme. A city tour was also put together for this purpose, providing background information on the development of the AWO in Fulda at 10 stations (with a multilingual brochure and guided tours during the event period).

For those who cannot visit the exhibition in person, here is a compilation.




Like the visitors to the exhibition, you too can use the QR code to find detailed information about all the pictures on our homepage – and it is even available in several languages.


When you enter the room, however, you first stand in front of our roll-ups:


Our board of directors also presents itself as multicultural: as can be seen well on the collage, one third of the members have foreign roots. This is a good reflection of what the AWO is all about, because the proportion of full-time and voluntary staff is also one third and more.




There are interviews with a few staff members, which are intended to be exemplary:



Two interviews were conducted with people who have close ties to the AWO because it has been an important support in their lives. These, as well as the numerous statements from members, volunteers, visitors, cooperation partners and politicians, belong in the section “The AWO from a personal perspective”.





An important part of our work with and for refugees is the sponsorship project. There are several films that show how the sponsors benefit from each other and how individually different such sponsorships can be. The project started in connection with the great wave of refugees in 2015, which our colleague Sina Conradi tells us about.




In our district and meeting centres there are plenty of opportunities to get to know other people.

The AWO Jugendwerk’s socio-cultural centre also offers a contact point in the middle of the city that attracts a lot of attention. 




In addition, we have close contact with other actors who are committed to the coexistence of cultures in Fulda. Some of them are also part of this exhibition.





The AWO is as diverse as this exhibition!
We are open to everyone: come and visit us!
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