The board of the AWO Kreisverband Fulda e.V. presents itself after the elections at the district conference 2022 (from left to right):

Elisabeth Mistretta (assessor); Ilka Börger (treasurer and assessor); Stefan Remmert (deputy district chair); Collette Döppner (deputy district chair); Bernhard Lindner (district chair) and Edith Bing (auditor). Missing: Michael Busold (auditor); Ronald Kyesswa (assessor); Philipp Sturm (assessor).

The district executive committee is responsible for carrying out all tasks of the AWO in the city and district of Fulda. It is elected for a period of two years. We are happy that we always find people who take on this important function. We are proud to say that even without a quota, the composition of our board is a good mix of young and old, men and women, and different backgrounds.

Our current chairperson is Bernhard Lindner:

He has an open ear for your concerns. You are welcome to contact him via the office.

On the occasion of the anniversary in 2021, he wrote a greeting for the AWO in Fulda: Greeting

On the following pages you will find a few interviews with board members in which they explain why they decided to take on this activity.