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For example, here are the principles of the AWO.

„Diskriminierung – Was hat das mit mir zu tun?“

AWO Kreisverband Fulda e.V. welcomes you!

Bienvenue! Welcome!

We are a membership organisation that originated in the workers’ movement.

AWO is the abbreviation for Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers’ Welfare). Against this background, we fight for a socially just society and exert political influence.

We are proud of our history, but we also want to shape the future. Our aim is to promote social thinking and action as well as to defend basic democratic values.

In a free and just society, everyone also has a responsibility for others. We want to be close to the people. We want to take care of their wishes and concerns.

Everyone should be able to live equally well in our country.
There should be less poverty.
There should be no more exclusion.
Every human being is precious.
Every person is worth the same.
Every person should be able to participate everywhere.



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