100 Jahre AWO

AWO celebrates nationwide


For 100 years we have been fighting for solidarity and justice. The nationwide anniversary campaign shows the face of our founder Marie Juchacz.

The core themes are the concerns with which Marie Juchacz shaped the AWO’s self-image and aspirations:

Women’s Rights, Diversity, Against Alms – For Participation, Decent Living, Justice and Solidarity.

“As joyfully and gladly as we should all stand in the present in order to do our part, it is also important to look back again and again, to examine the present against the past and to reorient ourselves by what was good about it. Not to persist in the past, but again and again to be ready once more for the future.” Marie Juchacz

For more information, please visit: www.100jahreawo.org



Events in Fulda


There were also various events in Fulda to mark the anniversary: Download the flyer on the anniversary year. 

Our photo competition was noteworthy: Click here.

And our “historical sewing room” had an anniversary idea that supports our social work: Click here.