The AWO in Fulda – on the move for more than 75 years.

The AWO Kreisverband Fulda is a respected partner of public bodies. Our clients trust  competent advice and services. We are known by the general public mainly through our large annual events, such as district festivals, Dinner-in-White, Fairy Tale Festival, Bicycle Bazaar. However, many people do not know how the AWO in Fulda developed.



We would like to draw attention to events that have had significance over the years:

1946 Foundation of the AWO by Erna Hosemann in Fulda.
1946 – 1950 Support services for people in the post-war period (food, clothing and household goods)
1950 – 1970 First events such as senior citizens’ meetings, Christmas parties, children’s camps, bazaars
Establishment of the AWO old people’s home in Ziehers-Nord as well as a lunch table for senior citizens
Relocation of the office to Von-Schildeck-Straße 12
Homework help, mother-child groups, recovery counselling
1970 – 1990 Foundation of the Petersberg (1975) and Aschenberg (1979) local associations
Start of debtor and insolvency counselling
Projects and services for young people to help them integrate into society
Foundation of a counselling centre for Turkish guest workers
Foundation of the Gersfeld local association (1986)
1990 – 2000 Foundation of the AWO Care Association
Counselling services for pregnant women and single mothers
Foundation of the local association in Eiterfeld/Großentaft (1995)
Opening of the “Büro Aktiv” to promote voluntary work (awarded the Lotte Lemke Prize)
Streetwork project Lohn und Brot (Wage and Bread) starts (for unemployed young men)
First bicycle bazaar together with the University of Applied Sciences Fulda
Establishment of the Café Panama youth centre and the Südend youth centre
2000 – 2010 Relocation of the office to Langebrückenstraße 14
Start of integration, education and district work in the Aschenberg community centre
Start of the qualification and employment project Artemis (for young women)
2010 – 2020 The Aschenberg community centre is recognised as a multi-generation house.
Expansion of integration and education work into the districts of Südend, Ziehers-Nord and the district.
Start of work with and for refugees and commencement of migration counselling.
The AWO office moves to Frankfurter Straße 28.
First day care centre for children from all districts of Fulda in Münsterfeld
The city of Fulda establishes meeting centres in 7 districts and transfers four of them to the AWO (Aschenberg, Ziehers-Süd, Ziehers-Nord, Südend).