Make contacts and share things in common.

It is fun and gives you strength to spend your free time together with other people. In the city and district of Fulda, the AWO offers numerous opportunities to meet.

Counselling, education and leisure activities are available at various locations. The spectrum is broad and open to everyone – regardless of age, origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

We have many years of experience in migration work – first with offers for the Turkish guest workers in Fulda, later in the development of offers in the community. We have come to know and love many cultures, ways of life and attitudes.

You are cordially invited! Feel free to come by and join in!




AWO Kreisverband Fulda: Begegnung und Integration
AWO Kreisverband Fulda: Begegnung und Integration


im Bürgerzentrum Aschenberg

Bürgerzentrum Ziehers-Süd


AWO Stadtteiltreff Südend

Stadtteilbüro Ziehers-Nord








Gemeinwesenarbeit in Tann (Rhön)

Gemeinwesenarbeit in Gersfeld

Gemeinwesenarbeit in Hünfeld



Geflüchtete engagieren sich

Migrantinnen und Migranten gestalten mit