Learn more about the areas of work of AWO in the last few years by taking a tour through Fulda.

For our 75th anniversary we prepared a Geocaching tour with a competition.

Unfortunately the  anniversary year and the fortune barrel are over but there is still a caching tour.

The  ’75 year AWO Fulda ‘tour can be comfortably done as a walk and is therefore good for families. On foot, you need about 90 minutes for the tour  and 60 minutes with the bicycle. If necessary, the tour can also be done by car, but then it will be half  as nice.

One has the opportunity to explore and search for the stations one by one and to look for the corresponding image section. To generate the final coordinates for the hiding place, the value of all images must be filled in the answer table.

If you are a friend of Geocaching, then you should on no account leaf past ‘Fulda round tour’  because we have added the right address now.

Whoever wants to go on the tour with the coordinates can use the App www.geocaching.com  or can enter the numbers in Google Maps like it has been described there, in their mobile phone.

So that everyone can participate in this tour- also people who do not want to deal with the App- the description has been adapted so that one can still get to the goal with the coordinates from Google by using this: 50.54754,9.6702 ( an example of the first station-see in the table above). The log book can be found in the can as always, but you can also send us greetings through the address given there.

You can print the page with the puzzle here: Caching Puzzle

There is a description of the station in PDF- and even in different languages: