Every person is valuable.

The AWO Kreisverband Fulda is a contact point for people in the most diverse life situations:

  • They are looking for support in crisis situations.
  • They cannot meet the demands of the working world.
  • They are looking for exchange in questions of upbringing.
  • They do not understand official forms and letters.
  • They need support because of language problems..
  • They are in financial difficulties.
  • They are interested in a new (voluntary) task.

We have set ourselves the goal of meeting everyone at eye level and having an open ear for everyone. We are open to ideas and suggestions so that no one has to be afraid of being rejected.

Schuldner- und Insolvenzberatung




Allgemeine Sozialberatung


Beratung islamischer Frauen

Mobile Migrationsberatung

Soziale Betreuung Geflüchteter