1919 was the founding year of the Weimar Republic. But it was also the misery of returning soldiers from the First World War. Battered in body and mind, they found little or no work. Instead of an entitlement to unemployment benefits, there was welfare that was too little to live on, not even too much to die on. Damp rooms in barely heatable tenements were home to entire families. This was the hour of courageous women like Marie Jucharcz and Luise Schröder, who founded the “Workers’ Welfare Association as a self-help organisation for the working class”, as Reich President Friedrich Ebert wrote. Banned under Nazi rule, it revived after the Second World War. This was also the case in Fulda when Erna Hosemann launched the AWO district association in 1946.

2019 the AWO Kreisverband Fulda e.V. sees its task in counselling and supporting people who also need help today. Young people who would fall through the social cracks without guidance are prepared for an independent life in an orderly manner. Debt counselling helps many out of the debt trap. Refugees are given their first safe home, the move-out service helps recognised asylum seekers find accommodation with all the formalities.

Our day care centre in Münsterfeld prepares the youngest children for life. In our many meeting centres, such as the Aschenberg community centre, people (especially women) from different cultures have the opportunity to get involved, further their education and experience community. Our department stores’ with a heart (also at the Aschenberg) offers household goods and furniture even for the very tight purse. We also organise afternoon care in some schools in the Fulda region. This can only be a small selection of our offers, if you are interested you can find more on our homepage.

As our society is constantly changing with its challenges, we will also constantly adapt our offers. Our voluntary and full-time staff are responsible for the high quality of our services. We are all looking forward to the many anniversary activities of the AWO Fulda District Association and cordially invite you to our events.

For the Board of Directors
AWO District Fulda

Bernhard Lindner